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Easy Ways to Make Hand Sanitizers at Home

Easy Ways to Make Hand Sanitizers at Home

kunetizen.com - Seeing the phenomenon of the difficulty of getting hand sanitizers or hand sanitizers on the market, as well as participating against the spread of covid-19, as an alternative hand sanitizer that does not require water to rinse.

Making hand sanitizer is quite simple, but it is in accordance with the formulas and procedures of BPOM and the World Health Organization WHO with basic ingredients including: ethanol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and sterile water / aquadest.

The steps are as follows: first prepare Alcohol liquid with optimum levels effective as an antiseptic of 70-80%, the second is glycerol which serves to provide a soft sensation, Third Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which also functions as an antiseptic to kill germs and finally is distilled water. The four liquid ingredients are mixed with a high level of accuracy so as to produce a hand sanitizer with the right and safe content according to BPOM and WHO standards.

Then the thoroughly mixed solution is transferred to hand sanitizer bottles and spare bottles and stored for 3 days to ensure there is no organism contamination from the bottle container, after which the hand sanitizer is ready for use.

Hopefully this article is useful and our family is protected from the spread of Covid-19.